A coworking space for entrepreneurs in Enschede

coworking space in Enschede, The Netherlands

About us

We are Spotlight: a community of entrepreneurs and freelancers.
We are all doing our own thing, together.
If you’re looking for a great workspace away from home with fun people and good conversations, you're welcome to join us.

  • "Do you know a great WordPress guy?"
  • "Got a minute?"
  • "You won't believe what a client just said..."
  • "What shall we do at the community night?"
  • "Lunch?"
  • "Shall I take on this project?"
  • "But what are you trying to achieve?"
  • "SALE!!"

Our location

You find us at Stationsplein 1B in Enschede, the former location of printshop Ricoh.

Stationsplein Enschede
coworking space in Enschede, The Netherlands

Our space

We have one big office (180m2) with room for around 20 desks, a kitchen, phone booths and a pingpong table.

A real desk

You don't have to work at a cafe table. We have a real desk for you.

Surrogate colleagues

Meet awesome entrepreneurs, sparring partners, friends.

Freemium coffee

Coffee and tea are included. Or bring your favorite Nespresso cups.

Meet your coworkers

App developer

Freelance journalist +
content creator

Bossman + CAD developer

Sustainable maker + designer

Product designer

Online marketeer +
content creator

Game developer

Trainer + coach +
HR advisor

Owner De Muziekbeleving

Owner AirMundo BV

Web developer

Plus Douwe, Marieke, Govert, Sander, Simon, Martin, Elena, Niek...

Real connections

Your daily dose of stories and advice.
In-person or via Slack.


Share your professional victories - we are your biggest supporters.

Work some, play some

Grab your chill moment in our lounge area or start a ping pong battle.


Flex Desk

€125 /m

- Any available desk
- 24/7 access
- Coffee, tea, internet

Dedicated Desk

€225 /m

- Your own desk
- Use our address for the Chamber of Commerce
- 24/7 access
- Coffee, tea, internet

Spotlight Sponsor

€25 /m

You help Spotlight thrive

Rent a monitor

€25 /m

27" 4k monitor
USB-C / HDMI / DisplayPort

All prices are excluding VAT

Or go for our
5-day pass

Ideal for when you're not in Enschede all the time, if you're still considering a membership of you just like a fun place to work every now and then.


Stationsplein Enschede

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We are a community

Spotlight is what a coworking space should be, a real community.We love to surround ourselves with other entrepreneurs and freelancers who are dedicated to their work, but don't take themselves too seriously.

Stationsplein Enschede

Our address

Stationsplein 1B
7511 JD Enschede
Google maps

Come try it out for a week :)

Reach out to Peter, owner + community manager:
[email protected]
+316 2833 6579